Rydberg Atoms, Micro-Lagrange Points, and a Time Traveling Trick of Particle Physics Suspected

Did you know there is such a thing as micro-Lagrange points? That is to say the same neutral points where the force of gravity is equalized between a planet and it’s sun can be found at the atomic level, yes a different force than the weak force of gravity, but neutral points just the same, and quite stable too as observed in Rydberg Atoms. Also since the particles are spinning very fast, there is a tunneling effect, pretty cool right?

Oh well, it gets much better than that. What if you could send information back through that tunnel? Then you’d be sending information back in time. But how could you do that you suppose? Well, how about using light and these tunnels would act in a vacuum like state. Where would the light go – back to multiple previous snap-shots in time of the spinning system, where you could intercept the information, before the light turned on in the first place.

That’s a mind screw isn’t it, best of all we do have the equipment right now to measure all this, to actually run this experiment and if we do this, we will have proved it is possible to send information back in time. So, then we should try it, and while we are at it I have about ten other concepts I’d like to try as well.

If you like considering such anomalies of particle physics, or anomalies at the atomic level, then perhaps we should talk. If you’d like to discuss this further please shoot me an email. Please consider this concept – sleep on it, tell me what you come up with.